Derek Varin vs. Jay Jackson (KOs Main Event)

Round 1: Jackson with the jab off the bell and Varin answers back with a quick left hook. Varin is finding a home for his body kick as Jackson comes in. Jackson throws the jab to keep Varin away as he tries to move in. Varin with the body kick, and then another swift left hook and Jackson is down with the 8 count. Varin goes down to a double jab but he’s back up. Varin with the flying knee attempt but he’s thwarted by Jackson’ leg kick. Varin is fighting off his back leg now but he circles out and lands a huge left hook and Jackson is down again as the ref waves off the fight.

Varin, TKO

Will Thorn vs. Danyelle Williams (KOs Fight #8)

Round 1: Williams with a kick to Thorn’s rear leg and then doubles it up. Thorn throws another kick and then eats William’s knee to the body. Williams with the overhand and Thorn answers back with a body kick of his own. Williams looking for the overhand right and swinging for the fences. Thorn sneaks in with the body kick. He throws a knee and Williams slips and goes down. Williams’ corner yelling for him to keep his hands up as he blocks a head kick. Thorn with the pressure now and Williams is forced to back up as the round ends.

Round 2: Thorn trying the body kicks again and this time Williams isn’t letting that happen, and he sneaks in with a double jab and a solid right hook. They clinch up now and Thorn is throwing knees as Williams frees himself and lands a huge jab that stuns Thorn. Thorn is bloodied but still fighting as Williams cuts him with another elbow. He’s staggering but is saved by the bell.

Round 3: Williams with the leg kick off the bell and then a beautiful spinning back kick that knocks Thorn back. They’re clinched up and exchanging knees. They break and Williams slams home a straight right and then another series of combos as Thorn rallies and hits Williams with his own overhand right, snapping his head back. They clinch up again and land knees, then break as both come in and try to get their final strikes in as the round ends.

Williams, Split Decision

Corey Friedrich vs. Javier Moreno (KOs Fight #8)

Round 1: Moreno with a huge 1-2 off the bell and Friedrich is taken aback by his strength. Moreno is pressured up against the ropes and covers up under the pressure. He gets an 8 count and is back in. Moreno is damaging the hell out of Friedrich’s lead leg and he’s already limping. Friedrich withstands the pressure and toughs out the last few seconds of the round.

Round 2: Moreno comes out strong again and immediately pressures Friedrich back against the ropes. He throws a flying knee and follows it up with repeated one twos. Friedrich is unable to withstand the flurry of strikes and the ref calls it.

Moreno, TKO, 0:41, Round 2

Joe Wawrzynieki vs. Chand Tubio (KOs Fight #7)

Round 1: Wawrzynieki with the kick but Tubio catches and pushes him back with a stiff jab. Tubio is keeping Wawrzynieki at distance with a double jab. Tubio slides in with a 1-2-3 and then circles out before Wawrzynieki can get his hands on him. Wawrzynieki throws a swift head kick and Tubio blocks. Wawrzynieki catches Tubio with a right hook as he’s coming in. Wawrzynieki with another head kick but Tubio fires back right away.

Round 2: Wawrzynieki light on his feet at the start of the second round. Tubio presses forward and lands a double jab. Wawrzynieki tries to throw a kick to his lead leg and misses, and Tubio takes the opportunity to come forward and throws combos as Wawrzynieki is forced back against the ropes. Wawrzynieki circles out and throws a headkick as his corner yells as him to take a few steps in. Tubio is now landing a left hook when Wawrzynieki attempts to come in, and after another flurry, Wawrzynieki’s face is looking worse for the wear.

Round 3: Wawrzynieki tries to hold him off with a kick but Tubio has no fear and is in his face with the double jab followed by the straight right. Wawrzynieki is being pressured back by Tubio’s double jabs and he’s having a hard time finding the answer for Tubio’s hands. Tubio has solid footwork as well and lands a headkick and a teep that throws Wawrzynieki back against the ropes. Wawrzynieki with two solid kick’s to Tubio’s body as the crowd cheers.

Tubio, Unanimous Decision 

Nathaniel Kosberg vs. Chase Chamberlin (KOs Fight #6)

Round 1: They’re feeling each other out off of the bell. Kosberg measuring distance with his jab. He fakes a jab and lands a kick to Chamberlin’s lead leg. Chamberlin answers back with a teep to Kosberg’s face. Kosberg has Chamberlin back against the ropes and is throwing combos and Chamberlin eats a cross and goes down. Chamberlin trying to circle out but he’s gassing from Kosberg’s pressure as the round ends.

Round 2: They touch gloves and again are feeling each other out. Kosberg backs him up and Chamberlin eats a kick and goes down. Kosberg misjudges and kicks, and the ref takes a point for kicking a downed opponent. They’re back in the center and Kosberg again begins subtly pressuring Chamberlin back against the ropes. Chamberlin drops his hands and Kosberg uses the opportunity to land a beautiful head kick and Chamberlin is out.

Kosberg, TKO 0:41 Round 2

Dylan Smerillo vs. Kevin Scott (KOs Fight #5)

Round 1: Smerillo with a right hook off the bell and he moves forward. Scott using his long legs to try to keep Smerillo away but Smerillo isn’t afraid to get in and land body kicks. Smerillo backing Scott up now and Scott trying to circle away as his corner yells at him to get in with a jab. Now Scott isn’t afraid to come forward and beats up Smerillo’s lead leg as the round ends.

Round 2: Scott now using that double jab to keep Smerillo off him. Scott’s corner yelling for kicks and he finally responds. Smerillo circles out and now Scott’s back against the ropes. He jabs his way out and lands a double left body kick. Scott is timid again and trying to get away from Smerillo’s kicks but drops his hands and eats a 1-2 as Smerillo senses blood and moves forward. Scott is saved by the bell.

Round 3: Scott is bouncy as he tries to stay out of Smerillo’s way. Smerillo setting up his right hook with leg kicks this time to avoid Scott’s length. Scott is doing his best to withstand the storm as Smerillo lands another leg kick. Scott circles out of the way but Smerillo is determined to finish and runs out of time.

Smerillo, Unanimous Decision 

Tavion Askew vs. Marty Voves  (KOs Fight #4)

Round 1: Askew moving forward immediately. Voves trying to use his length to keep him at a distance but Askew kicks him and Voves goes down. Askew moves forward again and Voves now with the devastating leg kick and this time Askew goes down. Voves slides in with the 1-2 and is out again. Voves lands another lead leg kick and sneaks in to land the right hook. Both fighters looking leery of each other as the first round ends.

Round 2: Voves takes a low blow and they pause. Voves comes forward and lands a knee and Askew is hurt. Askew recovers and now they are exchanging with absolute fury as the crowd cheers them on. Voves lands a hook and Askew gets the 8 count. Voves is aggressive again and knocks Askew out of the ring with a huge kick.

Voves, TKO, 1:40 Round Two