So You’re Watching Jiu Jitsu

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So you’ve found yourself in a gym surrounded by miniature people dressed in funny pajamas, hell bent on choking each other for a shiny gold medal. Sure, you’ve seen practices, your ass has fallen asleep while you sit uncomfortably watching your progeny practice some sort of martial art that you certainly signed them up for, but if you’re honest, you haven’t paid enough attention to really know what the hell is going on. Hey, thats ok. It really is. I get it. But now you feel somehow lost and totally out of your depth. You have no idea what you should be screaming at your kid/spouse/friend as they roll around in a death match with another similarly attired quasi ninja.

Take a deep breath, I’m here to help. I’ve been the parent mindlessly scrolling though my phone while my kids practice, I’ve lost entire practices worrying about dinner and work and laundry, paying scant, if any, attention to my progeny as they train in the sport of the moment. I get it. But when it comes to grappling, I can give you some tips so you can encourage your grappler without actually knowing exactly what the hell is going on.


The word ‘posture’ alone seems to be out of place in a grappling setting. Posture conjures images of Victorian women walking around with a book on their head while a petticoat-clad headmistress admonishes them about keeping their back straight and eyes forward. Posture is an odd thing to think about while someone is actively trying kill someone else. It is, however, critically important. Good posture is the jumping off point for all good grappling. It’s a tired adage but it’s important: ‘position before submission’. If you notice your grappler dropping their shoulders or letting their head get ahead of their knees, that’s a great time to start screaming ‘posture’. Good posture keeps grapplers out of danger and gives them the start of any sequence of moves they need to execute.


It’s tempting, I know. You can see it, the gym can see it, hell, the local blind guy could see it. All they need to do is “Just GO!”. Hold on there, sally shouts good. Things are different in competition. There are things going on in a grappling match that can’t be seen. Sometimes the opponent is preternaturally strong, sometimes your brain simply ceases being able to communicate with your body. Trust me when I tell you, when you can ‘just go’ in a match, you do, and when you can’t? Well, you learn a valuable lesson. If some variation of ‘just go’ is percolating behind your lips, keep it there. Don’t let it out, specifically if you’ve never grappled.  Those words don’t help.


I know there are some boneheaded dipshits parading as referees, and some real douchebags wearing coaching livery. Doesn’t matter. Keep your thoughts to yourself. The competition is about learning respect on a lot of levels, not just the heads up fight. A parent yelling at a ref or a coach, specifically a parent who knows nothing, is teaching dangerous lessons. Keep your mouth shut, address any problems away from the mats, and keep your words to your athlete encouraging.

It’s tough sometimes to keep your mouth closed, I know, but sometimes silence is the best answer. Stay positive, stay humble, and keep it about the people on the mat.

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Muay Thai Continues To Make A Statement In Minnesota

Muay Thai fans turned out at the Expo Center in Canterbury Park on Saturday for the second showing of Driller Promotion’s full Muay Thai card. With many of the 17 fights going the distance and several exciting knockouts, fans got their money’s worth. Taco Loco and DJ St. Joel kept the crowd fed and happy throughout the evening, and every single fighter showed up ready for war.

Omar Lee took the belt from hometown favorite and current title holder Ryan Sternberg in a battle of technique vs. agression. Sternberg’s classic style of using his length to manage distance was little match for the pitbull-like aggression of Lee. Lee demonstrated early on that he was unafraid of getting inside to negate Sternberg’s length, and once there would make full use of his hands. Sternberg’s kicks have always been his comfort zone and his strength, but he risked trouble with each kick as Lee showed no fear in catching Sternberg’s long legs and off-balancing him for the trip and fall to the mat.

Troy Jones Jr. put on a phenomenal show against Kit Ruddock in the first of two professional fights. Jones went down early to a leg kick from Ruddock, but it was the last time Ruddock had an advantage in the fight. Jones landed a right to drop Ruddock at the end of the first round for what would be one of several eight counts during the match. Ruddock’s legs are sure to be hurting today as Jones landed leg kicks loud enough to reverberate throughout the Expo Center. Jones earned the win with a knockout in the third round, but no one can say that Ruddock didn’t show up to fight.

In the main event, local Academy fighter Kaitlin Young took on Poland’s Martyna Krol in a fight that looked one-sided from the start. Krol showed no fear against Young but was unable to gain an advantage as Young immediately put the pressure on with kicks to Krol’s lead leg. Krol attempted to clinch to avoid more damage, but only landed herself up against the ropes and earned a deep cut above her left eye from a vicious elbow by Young. Due to the prolific and intense bleeding, the doctor called a stop to the fight even as Krol protested that she wished to continue.

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We are fighters covering fighters.

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Mecca XII Light Welterweight World Title: Kaitlin Young (11-1) vs Martyna Krol (30-14)  

Young pressures Krol immediately and has her on the outside of the ring as Krol tries to clinch and regain control. Young has her on the ropes as Krol tries to clinch to retain Young’s powerful leg kicks. Young lands an elbow that cuts open Krol’s left eye. The ref calls a stop to the fight due to the deep cut over Korl’s eye and severe bleeding.

2:13 Round One, TKO due to doctor stoppage, Young.

Mecca XII Troy Jones Jr (6-1) vs Kit Ruddock (1-0) 170lbs

Ruddock comes out hard at the bell and he’s landing leg kicks and ducking Jone’s punches as Jones slips and goes down. Jones is back up but Ruddock kicks his leg out from underneath him and he’s down again. Jones sets up the head kick with a jab but eats a straight right in return. Jones trying to keep Ruddock away from him with kicks to the body and lead leg, and now Ruddock is down from Jone’s jabs. He’s back up and Ruddock is looking for the elbow as Jones lands a knee and then a right to drop Ruddock at the bell. He’s let up for an eight count.

Jones with a hard body kick and Ruddock is looking a little more cautious. Ruddock tries for the left hook but it comes in wide Jones defends. Jones moves in for the inside leg kick as Ruddock tries to jab. Jones has Ruddock on the run now and drops him against the ropes with a straight right. Ruddock is up and ready to fight. Jones comes in with the elbow and Ruddock tries for the overhand as the round ends.

Last round and both fighters take a moment to feel each other out before Jones throws a body kick and Ruddock returns. Ruddock tries for a jump knee that doesn’t land. Jones lands a vicious kick to Ruddock’s leg that echoes in the arena. Jones lands a jab and Ruddock is trying to stay loose. He’s dodging as Jones walks him down and now Ruddock explodes off the ropes with a teep. Jones dodges and throws straight down the center to drop Ruddock again. Ruddock is up from the eight count and insists on continuing. Jones hits him with another straight right and Ruddock goes down hard and this time the fight is waved off even as Ruddock protests.

KO, 2:41 Round Three, Jones

Mecca XII Welterweight North American Title: Ryan Sternberg (16-13) vs Omar Lee (12-1) 147lbs

Sternberg catches his foot on a kick and goes down right away. Lee looks for a head kick and Sternberg catches him but can’t get the trip he’s looking for. Lee catches Sternberg’s kick this time and dumps him. Sternberg leaves his left leg up again after the kick and Lee catches it and dumps him again. Lee has Sternberg up against the ropes and is putting pressure on him as the ref separates them at the bell.

Both come out swinging this time and Sternberg is looking cautious as Lee moves forward. Sternberg is throwing kicks as his corner yells at him to let his hands go. Lee has him up against the ropes again and is making Sternberg wear his weight. Sternberg still looking cautious at the end of the round.

Sternberg is moving forward this round but Lee catches his left kick and dumps him, then catches him again with a forceful teep. Sternberg still cautious and covering up as his kick almost gets caught again. Lee with the spinning backfist that lands. Sternberg’s corner urging him forward again as the third round ends.

Sternberg puts Lee in the corner with a flying knee to start the round. He follows it up and goes in but gets rebuffed by Lee’s jab. Sternberg gets Lee against the ropes and comes in with his hands, but Lee with the overhand right to warn Sternberg off. Sternberg tries for the downward elbow at the bell.

Last round and Lee wants to avoid close contact and looks to keep Sternberg at a distance with long body kicks and keeps. Sternberg isn’t having it and has finally found more of the aggression he’s been trying to channel all fight. Sternberg lands a spinning back elbow but gets dumped and Lee is ready to celebrate. Sternberg comes in hard but again his kick is caught and he gets dumped hard at the bell.

49-46, 49-46, 48-47 Unanimous Decision, Lee


Mecca XII (Fight 14) Dylan Murphy (11-4-2) vs Termestress Street (13-1) 178lbs

Street comes out firing kicks right away but Murphy fires back and looks to do damage to Street’s lead leg. Murphy lands a hard headkick and has Street with the clinch and landing hard knees. Street gets off the ropes and Murphy is free after a knee. M throws a spinning back kick and flying elbow. Street is keeping him away with teeps now. Street clinches and Murphy has him back against the ropes at the bell.

Street opens the road eager to keep Murphy at a distance after the first round. Murphy clinches and and now he’s aggressive with the knees in the clinch. Murphy gets close to smother Street’s opportunity for knees. Street is looking looking gassed and Murphy is wearing him out. Murphy is incredibly aggressive this entire round.

Street is coming out much more aggressive to try to keep Murphy at bay, but Murphy comes in with a side kick and stuffs his attempts at control; Murphy slips and goes down. Murphy with a headkick followed by a sidekick and Street clinches him up. Street is gassed but still throwing kicks as Murphy has him on the ropes at the bell.

29-28 Murphy, 29-28 Street, 30-27 Murphy, Split Decision, Murphy 

Mecca XII (Fight 13) Tremayne Williams (5-4) vs Steve Bass (8-8) (4-2 MMA) 155lbs

Williams fires right away as Bass tries to keep him at bay with teeps from his long legs. Bass tries to fake the leg kick but Williams is quick to respond with a powerful overhand right. Bass is keeping Williams at distance now with his length and William’s overhand rights are coming in too high and slow on the return. William’s corner is yelling at him to go but he appears cautious of William’s length.

Bass with the long knee right off the bell and it catches Williams. He goes down as Bass comes forward and is unable to rise as the ref calls off the fight.

TKO, 1:07 Round One, Bass